About Us

You are small company, team, event or just an enthusiast. You do not have enough funds but you want to have your own small quantity merchandise at acceptable price. We are the company willing to give a helping hand. We can design and manufacture: jackets, t-shirts, jerseys, baseball hats, beanies, buffs, sweatshirts and more – especially for you. We can provide small quantities (10; 20; 30; 50 items) of perfect quality at acceptable price. You can create your own design as well, with no obligation to invest in huge, hard to sell quantities of identical items. We can offer (for example) – 30 items with 10 different designs at the same cost as much higher quantity of identical items.

Contact us for details. We will not disappoint you!

Extreme sport Ltd.
Mladost 1, bl. 45, vh. 10, ap. 173
Sofia 1784, BULGARIA
VAT: BG204883440
+359 885 35 83 38